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The Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society

2019-2020 International Artist Series

We are thrilled to announce our 2019-2020 International Artist Concert Series 


Subscription for all Four concerts is only $60

Please join us for this stellar season!


Click on Artist Name for their Website

 All concerts will take place at Precious Blood Church, 200 Kenny street



Iqui Vinculado (Philippines)


Orontes Guitar Quartet (Syria)

September 14th/2019, 8pm

(5 guitarists and two international Artists in one night!)

Read about the Orontes Quartet in the Globe and Mail HERE:




 Mak Grgic(Slovenia)

November 30th/2019, 8pm

Grgic’s playing combined excellent technique with an extensive range of emotional expression. He brought expansive warmth and delicate elegance to the Baroque pieces."  

-Jim Farber, San Francisco Classical Voice




 Azuline Duo(Hamilton)

January 25th/2020, 8pm

Emma Rush, Guitar & Sara Traficante Fulte

Azuline Duo features award-winning young musicians Sara Traficante (flute) and Emma Rush (guitar).  This ensemble pushes the boundaries of their instruments and conventional programming with unusual and rarely heard pieces both historical and contemporary, and a dynamic onstage presence that engages the audience from the first note.




 Soloduo (Italy)

April 19th2020, 7pm *Sunday Concert

Mateo Mela & Lorenzo Micheli, Guitar 

"how those guitarists played: an impeccable and formidable technique, control of dynamics in the most subtle ranges, sensitive phrasing, a remarkably intuitive musicianship and a flawless memory. The guitarists rarely looked at each other. It was all done through listening. Perhaps, because they’ve been together almost 16 years, each knows what the other will do."

 - The Daily Gazette




Tickets $20 at the door or buy a subscription to all four concerts for $60!

To buy a subscription online please click HERE



For more info please email:






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