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The Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society

Frets Alive 2018-2019


Frets Alive 2018-2019

Local Artist Concert Series



Frets Alive I

January, 5th/2019

2pm, 603 Wellington Crescent

Tickets: $15/$10


Jesse Krause, guitar

Paul Madryga director and performer,

Brandon University and Conservatory Guitar Ensemble


David Letkemann, guitar



Frets Alive II

                                                                                                                                                            8pm, February 16th/2019

Valentines Day special


Kurt Tittlemier & Guests

Details TBA



Frets Alive III

March 15th/2019

8pm, Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre

Tickets: $15/$10


Rodrigo Munoz & Guests


Philippe Meunier & Guests



Frets Alive IV

May 10th/2019

8pm, 603 Wellington Crescent

Tickets: $15/$10


 The Tyborowski Duo (Richard and Alex)

        Brian Meads, Gloria Maria Aza Farje

      Nolan Powell and Scot Butler Duo


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